PKP Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa sp. z o.o.


Offering comprehensive additional services related with the carriage of goods, we guarantee the possibility of handling of goods at our terminals and handling points located on the LHS line. Handling is also performed with the participation of outside handling companies.

  1. Solid bulk goods and piece-goods (e.g. goods on pallets, in big bags, bundles) at LHS stations:
    • Hrubieszów
    • Zamość Bortatycze
    • Szczebrzeszyn
    • Wola Baranowska
    • Staszów
    • Gołuchów
    • Sławków
  2. liquid gases
    • Zamość Bortatycze
    • Gołuchów
    • Sławków
  3. containers:
    • Zamość - Bortatycze
    • Szczebrzeszyn
    • Wola Baranowska
    • Sławków
  4. semitrailers, heavy trucks
    • Sławków LHS
  5. dangerous materials at particular stations after a prior agreement

PKP LHS Transshipment Terminal in Szczebrzeszyn

The terminal is adapted to handle all types of goods (loose, on pallets, in bags, packs and big-bags) except for liquefied fuels and hazardous materials, in open area and in warehouse hall.

LHS Transshipment Terminal field of activity:
  1. loading, unloading and handling of bulk and piece- goods on behalf of the client,
  2. storage of goods in closed premises and on storage yards,
  3. contracts for storage and handling of goods,
  4. carrying out contracts related with execution of loading, unloading and handling of goods,
  5. cooperation with forwarding companies in the field of efficient execution of loading, unloading and handling of goods,
  6. issuance of documents in national and international traffic on behalf of the client,
  7. arrangement of railway and road transport

Assortment of goods intended for handling at LHS Transshipment Terminal in Szczebrzeszyn:

  1. hard coal in different fractions,
  2. goods in bags intended for manual reloading.
  3. steel in bundles weighing up to 10 tons and with length up to 6m,
  4. steel in bundles weighing more than 10 tons and with length from 6 to 12m,
  5. wood
  6. loose materials transported in bulk in Hopper wagons with a bottom discharge,
  7. seeds, grains, oilcakes, (cereal, colza, corn etc.),
  8. edible oils,
  9. goods in big-bags- in covered and coal wagons.

PKP Broad Gauge Metallurgical Railway Line
22-400 Zamość
11 Szczebrzeska Street
tel. 48 84 638 62 23


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