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What is the LHS line?

The LHS Line (so-called the broad track) is the longest on the territory of Poland broad gauge railway line (track gauge of 1520 mm) designed for freight transport. It is also the farthest west broad-gauge line in Europe. It connects the Polish-Ukrainian railway crossing Hrubieszów / Izow with Silesia, and ends in Sławków in Dąbrowski Basin (25 km from Katowice). The length of the line amounts almost 400 km (the exact length of the line is 394.650 km). The line has a specific regional coverage (runs through the south-eastern Poland and Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Świętokrzyskie, Małopolskie i Silesia provinces). The main attributes of the line are: transport without handling the goods at the border and the ability to drive heavy train sets.

Coverage of the line (map)

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